Order of Service 10-27-2019
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You can listen to the music for this week here.

Recognition of God’s Character: Adoration

Welcome to Grace Community Church! Would you stand with us? Let's begin this morning by adoring our God by read Psalm 108. (Todd)

Scripture Reading: Psalm 108 (Todd)

Song of Adoration: A Mighty Fortress (Page 2)

Song of Adoration: Trust and Obey (Page 194)

Acknowledgment of Our Character: Confession

Prayer of Confession

Expression of Devotion: Thanksgiving


Affirmation of Grace: Assurance

Song of Assurance: I Will Wait for You (Page 110)

Song of Assurance: The Lord is My Salvation (Page 188)

The Desire for Aid in Living for God: Petition and Intercession

Pastoral Prayer (Pastor Craig)

Acquiring Knowledge for Pleasing God: Instruction

Sermon Text: Ephesians 6:10

Living unto God with His Blessing: Charge and Benediction

And now may the Lord, who is the strength of His people, be your Shepherd and carry you forever. Amen.

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