Realtor but More Than A Realtor

Craig Wilson Top Listing Real Estate Agent Berea and Richmond Kentucky

First of all let me assure you that the picture on this page is the only picture of me you will see on my website! I know every Real Estate Agent thinks that what they do is all about them that’s why they fill up their websites with glamour shot photos of themselves. BUT I know that being a Real Estate Agent is all about you and you don’t really care what I look like – please don’t call me ugly – after all I’m a Papaw! (That’s what my grandaughter Carson calls me)

I’m Craig Wilson; I’m a Realtor, but I’m also a Certified Real Estate Digital Marketer. If you are selling your home and are looking for an experienced online marketing expert, then you’ve come to the right place.

Ever since my Dad sold Real Estate, I’ve had an interest in the profession. I have four grown children each of which has purchased their homes. I was sorely disappointed in what I witnessed in their experience with agents who frankly did not conduct themselves as professionals. Instead of complaining I decided to do something about it and became a Realtor. My goal is to to provide you with a professional attitude, a professional service, and professional expertise as I help my clients sell one of their largest investments their home.

I Provide What You Want - An Expert Marketer

You as a homeowner are looking for a professional who can sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

I’ve never met a home seller who enjoyed having their home on the market for months and months and having to reduce the price to attract buyers. Why do these things happen? They happen because of INADEQUATE MARKETING!

My marketing experience is the competitive advantage I bring to you. You will save time and money through my unique and proven plan to market your house.

I have a decade’s worth of experience in online marketing and have I mentioned I am also a Certified Real Estate Digital Marketer?

I know Talk is Cheap!

I know what you’re thinking! You guys all say the same thing. But to show you that I know what I’m doing I’ve put it in writing, and you can download your free copy of “Steps To A Successful Sale.” When you read Steps to a Successful Sale you will be able to determine…

  • If you are a serious seller
  • If you are an action taker or not
  • You’ll learn how to define a successful sale of your home and lot’s of other information that if followed will help sell your home for top dollar and without sitting on the market for months at a time. So go ahead and download the info right now. Go ahead I’ll wait.

Download Steps To A Successful Sale

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